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Preliminary Statements

The AMANA XBRL Cloud is a web application that can be used to create, validate and analyse XBRL instance documents. The application is based on the AMANA standard software solution - the AMANA XBRL Engine. The AMANA Cloud platform is made available via a hosting partner. Each authenticated user is also entitled to use the hosting platform. The terms of use of the hosting partner apply here. If the terms of use are not accepted, the access to AMANA XBRL Cloud is denied. Terms of use of the hosting provider


Defect of Quality

AMANA warrants that the internal logic of the XBRL Cloud complies with the generally applicable laws, regulatory requirements and the official XBRL specifications. AMANA assumes no further warranty or liability than those defined in this document.

Defect of Title

AMANA warrants that the use of the XBRL Cloud under this contract does not conflict with the rights of any third parties. In any such defects of title, AMANA releases the user from any claims made by third parties and – at the choice of the user and at AMANA’s expense – either changes the software in such a way that it no longer conflicts with the intellectual property rights of any third party or provides the user with a legally fully acceptable means of using the software or with a license for equivalent soft-ware. Should AMANA not meet these terms within an appropriate deadline, the user has the right to withdraw from the contract. The user will immediately inform AMANA in writing of any third party claims, will not acknowledge any third party claims to infringement of intellectual property rights, and will leave AMANA to settle any dis-putes including out-of-court settlements.

Legal Relations with the Hosting Partner

AMANA is entitled to change the hosting partner for the Cloud solution at any time. AMANA will inform about the change of the hosting partner on its website and will do it, if possible, in advance. The hard-ware and software components provided by the hosting partner must be used only according to the terms of use provided by the hosting partner. The user is obliged to carefully read the terms of use, agree to accept them and register changes/updates.

Contract Termination / User Blocking

In the case of AMANA XBRL Cloud misuse, AMANA is entitled to block the user and terminate the con-tract. AMANA will contact the user to ask for opinion in a controversial situation before deciding to keep the user blocked. AMANA is not obliged to contact the user in the case of justified suspicion of a recurring, deliberate gross negligence or serious abuse. In such a case AMANA may block the user for ever and the banned user will not be allowed to register again. Apart from that, AMANA has to observe a period of four weeks to the month’s end in case of contract termination. The user has the right to terminate the contract at any time with an appropriate notification of the other party at least five days in advance. If the user does not log on AMANA XBRL Cloud for a period of twelve months, the contract will be terminated due to inactivity. In this case, AMANA is entitled to block the inactive user. After that the user can register again. All declarations in this context must be submitted in writing.

Additional Services of AMANA


All AMANA software products are subject to continuous development and improvement. This also ap-plies to AMANA XBRL Cloud. The updates are implemented on the Cloud platform. AMANA is entitled but not obliged to inform the users about updates.


A telephone hotline is available. The hotline is staffed from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on public holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia, on +49 [0] 201 94 622 622. AMANA will inform of any change to the service hotline on its website. As far as possible, enquiries to AMANA are answered by telephone. You can also send an e-mail enquiry to The hotline offers user support and workarounds in case of programme bugs and can be used for clarification of operating errors. The hotline is not a substitute for trainings nor is intended to support users having internal IT problems.


AMANA is liable without limitation for intent damages, damages based on the absence of guaranteed properties and features, personal injury and infringement of the Product Liability Act [Produkthaftung-sgesetz]. The liability of AMANA for claims due to gross negligence concerning the XBRL Cloud - on whatever legal grounds - is limited to the sum of EUR 25,000. The liability of AMANA is excluded in the case of damages caused deliberately or through gross negligence by the hosting partner. This does not apply to an intentional fault in selecting a third party - related to the hosting partner. The liability of AMANA for claims due to negligence concerning the XBRL Cloud - on whatever legal grounds - is lim-ited to the sum of EUR 10,000. The liability of AMANA is excluded in the case of damages caused through negligence by the hosting partner. In case of defects of title the abovementioned arrange-ments are valid. In the event of the unauthorized access to user data or other personal data, the liability of AMANA in case of negligence is limited to the sum of EUR 10,000. The liability of AMANA is exclud-ed if AMANA is not responsible for information leakage. Otherwise, the legal provisions apply.